Highway issues
Potholes on London Road Crooked sign on Crewe Road Signs obscured on Back Lane Blocked gulley on Audlem Road

This page lists issues that have been reported, are in progress and are closed.  The accuracy of the information will depend on reports and updates being communicated to the Parish Council.  If you know of any change to the information shown, please let the Parish Council know through the enquiry and reporting page.  The amount of detail shown below and the way it is presented will be developed over time depending upon usage and need.  Issues will be removed from this list when they have been resolved satisfactorily.


Following a ride around all the roads in the Hatherton and Walgherton parishes, the list has been updated. Some items have not yet been reported as they are not yet serious enough and I have also not listed separately all the holes on Bridgemere Lane that have already been marked with white paint. Let's hope they are fixed before the paint wears away.

There are signs that a repair team has been along Hunsterson Road patching the carriageway.

Nigel Dibben, 21 May 2018

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Issue Title & Location Detail Action taken & ref Status Action
Linked pics: [P002]
A529 Blocked gulley
Audlem Rd N of Crewe Rd
A529 opposite 2 Kiln Cottage
Gulley under oak tree blocked with roots and requires root cutter. Floods in any substantial rainfall. Action: Reported to CEC. CEC standard reply received 13/2 that the "work will be programmed in due course". Still blocked (May 2018). Still partially blocked (September 2018). Update Jan 2019: still blocked. Ref: 3314709 Date: 1/2/2018 reported View detail View  
Linked pics: [P039] [P040] [P056]
B5071 Partial road flooding
Crewe Rd, Hatherton
Chapel Bends
Driving to Audlem just now, there is a large puddle on the Chapel bends where Highways put in some new drainage a year or two back. Updated: 6/3/18 when burst water main occurred and required repair. Updated 20/5/18: there are no obvious signs of drain clearance so a further check will be required after the next heavy rain. Action: Reported as escalated by Resident of Chapel Cotttages 3/2/18 Re-reported 13/2/17 further floods CK If dangerous can be further escalated by calling 0300 123 5020, Now in Gully cleaning program 15/2/18 Burst water main being repaired 6/3/18. Appears to be completed (September 2018) with drains clear. Ref: 3315190 3317321 Date: 3/2/18 work finished View detail View  
Linked pics: [P057]
Blocked gulley
Hunsterson Road
Between the top of Lodge Lane and Hatherton Grange at SJ 69658 47337
There is a hole on the verge where there is a damaged drain behind a grid. It was first reported two years ago come March (ie 2016), after some time blue barriers were placed round it but that is as far as it's got. Have to admit there is no urgency but two years is quite a time. Updated 20/5/18: Still no change. Photo added. To be reported again by NJD. Updated 25/1/19: Still no change. Action: Reported again in September 2018. Ref: 3338159 Date: 19/09/2018 reported View detail View  
Linked pics: [P015]
HGV damaged verges
Bridgemere Lane
and Birchall Moss Lane
Damaged verges caused by HGVs taking avoiding action with ruts up to 1.5m off the road, Possible solution passed to CE Highways 13/2/18 re verge bollards as used at the A531 end of Checkley Lane, photos taken. Update 20/5/18: no change. Update 19/9/18: no change. Action: Proposals not determined Ref: 843 Date: 10/9/2014 reported View detail View  
I008 A529 Speed Reduction measures
Audlem Rd N of Crewe Rd
Junction of A529 and Park Lane
Slow traffic down as it exits the A529 onto Park Lane Action: Install carriageway narrowing speed reduction chicane similar to that at Back Lane and Bridge St Wybunbury Assessment to be taken under Minor Works No 1533. Update 20/5/18: no action has been taken yet. Update 19/9/18: no change. Ref: 2541596 Now Minor Works 1533 Date: 12/1/2018 reported View detail View  
I009 B5071 Poor Visibility at Junction
Crewe Rd, Hatherton
Junction of Hunstersion Rd, Crewe Rd B5071
As 40mph limit was refused ( not meeting 40 mph strategy criteria) Request made to investigate better visibility after 3 significant accidents at this junction Action: Improve visibility at junction, Reported at PC meeting 29/1/18. Update 20/5/18: no action has been taken yet. Update 19/9/18: no change. Date: 29/1/2018 reported View detail View  
Linked pics: [P016] [P027]
A529 Water errosion at edge of carriageway
Audlem Rd N of Crewe Rd
Situated either side of Thelwells drive at SJ 68016 47430
Year round release of surface water onto the carriageway has eroded a deep trench along the edge of the carriageway, a significant safety issue when vehicle tyres are caught in the trench. Update 20/5/18: The trenches have been partly filled during resurfacing work. To be checked again after heavy rain. Update 19/9/18: no change, trenches re-forming. Action: Unknown. Reported at PC meeting 29/1/18. To be checked again. Ref: TBA Date: 29/1/2018 reported View detail View  
Linked pics: [P020] [P069] [P070] [P071]
B5071 Partial road flooding
Crewe Rd, Hatherton
Junction of Hunsterson Rd and Crewe Rd
Water backs up from the runoff Helers Field and roadway under Crosslands Garage and over the road to Childwall House and down the Park Lane. Drains are blocked by tree roots. During periods of heavy rain, floods back up to the doorstep of Crosslands House. Action: Grids cleared at the Crewe Road end of Park Lane and Hunsterson Road on 16/3/18. Not known if road drains were jetted clear at the same time. Check next time it rains for completion. Update 20/9/18: after heavy rain the road flooded again. Gulleys are nominally clear but the drains that take the water away down Park Lane are partly blocked. Flood clears after a short while but meantime it reached their front and back doorsteps. Pictures taken. Update 3/10/18: Message from resident reported that grids and their associated drains have been attended to by CEC Highways. Ref: 2541302 and 3307652 and 3338283 Date: 2017 then 20/9/2018 work finished View detail View  
Linked pics: [P017] [P018] [P019]
A51 Poor Surface
London Road N of Crewe Rd
At Boars Head X roads outside New Cottages 1 and 3
Very uneven road surface with traffic causing serious property vibration Action: Road Closure to effect a permanent repair due end Jan 2018, level 2 repair. Update 20/5/18: Road has been repaired to level 2. Surface is still bumpy. To be checked with residents as to whether vibration continues. Update 31/5/18: Resident reports that the problem has not been resolved. Returned to "action required". Reported again on 19/9/2018. Update 07/11/2018: Message from CEC: "All roads and footways on the highway network are regularly inspected as part of our scheduled safety inspection regime. The Noise or Vibration at London Road, Walgherton has been assessed and will be considered for inclusion in an appropriate future programme. At this stage, I am unable to give you any indication on timescale. In the meantime, we will continue to monitor the condition of this location via the scheduled inspection regime, and keep it in a safe condition for all highway users." Ref: not known and 3338166 Date: Reported 2017 and then 19/9/2018 reported View detail View  
Linked pics: [P021] [P022]
Series of blocked gulleys on A51
London Road N of Crewe Rd
Running N from near London Rd Farm
Water seen emerging from gulley just W of London Road Farm on W (Nantwich) side of farm entrance, S side of road. Water runs past a number of other gulleys before finally draining into gulley near Howbeck Bridge. There is clearly a long stretch of intermittent or continuous blockage on this stretch. Action: Reported on-line. Email 3/5/18 from CEC Highways says this will be attended to "this year". Update 20/5/18: There are signs that this may have been done but will require a check after wet weather. Therefore not closed. Ref: 3315843 Date: 6/2/2018 work scheduled View detail View  
Linked pics: [P023] [P030] [P031] [P032] [P033] [P034] [P036] [P037]
Leak of water onto carriageway between Fields Farm and Oakes Corner
Audlem Rd N of Crewe Rd
On A529 south of Fields Farm
Persistent water leak from near metal cover in carriageway. Pictures show several blocked gulleys (at least six are visible) north of the leak of water onto the carriageway. Gulleys at (or near): 67913 47877, 67905 47821, 67909 47783, 67927 47627, 67928 47675, 67933 47649, 67933 47617. There may be more hidden by new surface. Action: Reported to UU. Found by UU not to be from the water main but believed to be surface water from blocked drainage system leaking back through the surface. Reported to CEC Highways. CEC standard reply received 13/2 that the "work will be programmed in due course". CEC standard reply repeated 22/2/18 as above. Update 20/5/18: No signs that the dains have been cleared but water is not currently emerging from the road near the stop-tap. To be checked after heavy rain. If this has not been fixed, all the good work from resurfacing may be destroyed. Update 19/9/18: awaiting check after heavy rain. Ref: 3316620 CEC Date: 7/2/2018 to UU and 10/2/2 reported View detail View  
Linked pics: [P050]
Damaged chevron warning sign at Oakes Corner
Audlem Rd N of Crewe Rd
At Oakes Corner on north side of junction SJ681444
It appears there has been a collision between a vehicle and the sign. The sign has been placed against the hedge but is now showing bend to right when viewed from Audlem direction whereas it shoudl be visible only from Nantwich direction. Potential serious hazard to drivers at night. Action: Reported to CEC highways on-line. Update 20/5/18: No action has been taken but the sign is at least obscured by the hedge. Update 19/9/18: no change, it was observed that there is a chevron sign south of the junction (facing Nantwich traffic) that has also been damaged and is in the hedge. Update 23/11/18: Work now complete. Ref: 3316618 CEC Date: 10/02/2018 work finished View detail View  
Linked pics: [P043] [P044] [P045] [P046]
Water emerging from gulley and flooding across road
Lodge Lane
53.0255267 N, 2.4589517 W north of gate to Hathert
Water emerges from the gulley on W side of Lodge Lane, flows across and runs into field on E side. After wet weather, it has been seen emerging from another gulley further S on the road. Action: Reported to CEC. Update 20/5/18: Work appears to have been done. Needs checking after heavy rain. Ref: 3316622 CEC Date: 10/02/2018 work finished View detail View  
Linked pics: [P052] [P053] [P054]
Damaged signs at Park Lane Junction (Issue reported by enquiry no 2)
Park Lane
Park Lane/Audlem Road jcn
Damaged and Missing signs at the junction of Park Lane and Audlem Road I have reported this previously to Cheshire East Council and to Councillor Rachel Bailey Action: Originally reported by NJD on 29/8/2017 with follow-up that it had been included in current schemes list. Reported as described by BC as well. Update 20/5/18: No action has been taken. Update 19/9/18: no change. Ref: 3296422 CEC Date: 14/02/2018 at 09:03 reported View detail View  
Linked pics: [P078] [P079]
Oat Eddish Farm Entrance Flooding
Crewe Rd, Walgherton
B5071 outside Oat Eddish Farm Entrance
Gullies emptied last week, but missed this one, on the opposite side to the farm entrance, Large flood which forces oncoming vehicles onto the wrong side of the road on a bend!!!! Update 20/5/18: Drains still blocked at approx SJ 69141 48153 and SJ 69150 48162. Update 19/9/18: drains now appear clear, to be checked after heavy rain. Action: Reported to Highways by CK Ref: 3323910 Date: 27/3/18 reported View detail View  
Linked pics: [P058]
Hole in new surface on A529
Audlem Rd S of Crewe Rd
West side of road near SJ 68146 46985
A small hole has already developed in the new surface dressed in May 2018. Action: Reported on line to CEC. Updated 25/5/18: response received that "the Pothole at Audlem Road, Hatherton will be assessed as part of our programmed safety inspections". Ref: 3329965 Date: 21/5/18 reported View detail View  
Linked pics: [P060] [P061] [P062]
Series of locations where road surface has been damaged on Lodge Lane
Lodge Lane
SJ 69485 47595, SJ 69356 49660, SJ 69092 49780 all on south side
Two distinct areas of surface break-u[p and one pothole on Lodge Lane on south side. First listed area is on bend close to Hunsterson Road junction. Action: Reported to CEC. Update 7/6/18: "The work relating to your enquiry has now been programmed in accordance with our current priorities and will be completed in due course" Update 19/9/18: no change. Ref: 3329972 Date: 21/5/18 work scheduled View detail View  
Linked pics: [P063]
Water emerging from blocked gulley
Crewe Rd, Walgherton
SJ 69339 48309 on north side of Crewe Road
Gulley with water emerging leading to erosion of the road verge. Water was emerging 20/5/18 even after a dry spell. Action: Reported. Response from CEC that "The gully/s to which you refer form part of this year's schedule of works and will be attended to as part of our programmed empty." Update 19/9/18: no change, clear signs that water is still running OUT of this gulley (marks of mud along edge of road). Ref: 3329975 Date: 21/5/18 work scheduled View detail View  
Linked pics: [P065]
Leak of effluent across road damaging new road surface
Audlem Rd N of Crewe Rd
At first bend near 100m from Oakes Corner
Foul water overflow from tank at Oakes Corner has led to damage to the new road surface on the A529 Action: Matter has been reported by CK to the owners of the properties concerned. Report was repeated on 1 June 2018 and they say their engneers are working to resolve the issue. Update 19/9/18: there atill appears to be contaminated water in a puddle adjacent to the road and the surface is breaking up (see photo P065). Update 31/10/18: Report from resident copying response from Environment Agency. Extract: "a drainage company attended Oaks Corner today and they discovered that there is a grid and drainage gully within the hedge next to the spillage. They found the drain to be completely overgrown and blocked, full of silt and mud and its lid not on properly. They have thoroughly cleared and jet washed out this drain and flow tested it and it is now flowing freely. I am hoping that this will have remedied the situation. " Date: Prior to 1 June 2018 work finished View detail View  
Linked pics: [P064]
Walgherton Disfigured sign
London Road N of Crewe Rd
Parish Boundary A51 north
Someone has painted over the wording on our parish sign. Update 19/9/18: The sign has not been painted but has been damaged with something which has caused the letters to peel off. Action: The sign will need cleaning and then new letters applied or painted on. action required View detail View  
Linked pics: [P066]
Damage to parapet at Howbeck Bridge
London Road N of Crewe Rd
Howbeck Bridge - south west abutment
It appears that a vehicle has run into the abutment. The fence before this has been repaired but it is unclear whether the abutment has been repaired or reported damaged. Update 18/10/18 from CEC: "Your comments/concerns have been noted and assessed as non urgent. An Officer will follow up and, if appropriate, consider for any appropriate action in due course." Action: Reported to CEC Ref: 3338180 Date: Reported 2017 and then 19/9/2018 reported View detail View  
Linked pics: [P067]
Surface damage
London Road N of Crewe Rd
SJ 69207 49242
Number of potholes appearing on road surface Action: Reported to CEC Ref: 3338182 Date: 19/09/2018 reported View detail View  
Linked pics: [P068]
Surface breaking up near A529
Bridgemere Lane
South side of lane near junction with A529
Surface damage over large area. Action: Reported Ref: 3338192 Date: 19/09/2018 reported View detail View  
I031 Surface breaking up
London Road S of Crewe Rd
At junction with Back Lane
Surface in very poor condition at turnout from Back Lane on southbound carriageway Action: Reported Ref: 3338194 Date: 19/09/2018 reported View detail View  
I032 Missing grids
London Road N of Crewe Rd
On north side of A51 after rise up from Howbeck Bridge (eastern one at SJ 68690 49176)
Two drain covers missing. The drains are in the verge and so do not create an immediate hazard and they have been "filled" with traffic cones. Update 07/11/2018: CEC replied "From the details provided, the Defective Ironwork at London Road, Walgherton will be assessed as part of our programmed safety inspections. Further detail of our highway safety inspection regime can be found at www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/highways." Action: Reported to CEC although this is likely to already be known. Ref: 3338195 Date: 19/09/2018 reported View detail View  
Linked pics: [P073] [P074] [P075] [P076] [P077]
Serious flooding east of Dagfields Entrance
Crewe Rd, Walgherton
East of Dagfields Entrance
In heavy rainfall, water runs off Dagfields car park and road drains are unable to take the flow leading to serious flooding across the road 100m east of entrance Action: Ref: CEC 3338377 Date: 20/9/18 reported View detail View  
Linked pics: [P080]
Blocked and damaged gulley opposite Chapel Farm
Audlem Rd N of Crewe Rd
Adjacent to drive of Chapel
The gulley has sunk and been marked by CEC with white paint but it is still causing vibration and is still sunken. At the same time, it is blocked. Update 16/10/18 from CEC: "From the details provided, the Defective Ironwork at Audlem Road, Hatherton will be assessed as part of our programmed safety inspections." Action: Reported to CEC Ref: CEC 3338387 Date: 20/9/18 reported View detail View  


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